Welcome to The Adventures of Morty, Milo, & Max! This page is brand new and will most likely look different from time to time as we figure out what the “look” of the page should be.

Well, we are making this blog for several reasons. The first is to of course show off our three boys! The second is to educate people with information on ferrets. And third, we hope to entertain with our posts and yes, there shall be memes. How can we not, right?

The About page will also be updated as we go on. But for now, I will cover the basics in this post.

My husband previously had four female ferrets. However, since then he has had rabbits and dogs. I had the rabbits with him and of course our dogs. But after the last of our four rabbits passed away we decided to get a ferret. I had never raised a ferret before so this was a whole new world to me. My husband was excited too since it had been so long. We ended up coming home with little Morty.


Morty was born on February 5th, 2017. He is a marked white gib. (A gib is the term for a desexed male ferret.) His full name is Mortimer James. He is deaf. We didn’t know this when we first brought him home. However, it didn’t take long to realize it. After we realized that he wasn’t just distracted by everything new anymore he didn’t seem to be responding to any noise at all. Including our dog barking. So after some more tests we came to realize that he is deaf. But he doesn’t let that stop him! Oh no! He has a large personality and no fear what so ever.

About a month after we brought Morty home along came Milo.

miloMilo was born on January 29th, 2017. He is a blaze gib. His full name is Milo Alexander. He has waardenburg syndrome. I will do a post about that specifically a little later on but for now, please read this article. It will help you understand a lot about ferrets with waardenburg syndrome.

And about a month after Milo, along came Max.


Max was born February 12, 2017. He is a sable mask gib. His full name is Maximus Ferretus.

As this blog continues we will be adding all sorts of useful links, pictures, posts, and ferret memes. So please be sure to check back frequently.